You can make it life without Formal Education:Businesswoman shares inspiring story

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In a society where formal education is often seen as a necessity for success, one businesswoman is breaking the mould and proving that it is possible to achieve success without a traditional educational background

Chronicling her journey from an apprentice Seamstress to Owner of multiple chains of Business   Madam Sompaye Mavis Jankeitey , has shared her inspiring  story and offered  advice to those who may be facing similar challenges in their own lives and careers.

According to the businesswoman, she never had the opportunity to attend school and had to learn everything she knows through hard work and determination. Despite this, she was able to start and grow her own successful business.

She further emphasised that lack of formal education should not be a barrier to success in life. She advised young people to never give up and to always be willing to learn, regardless of their educational background.

“Money is made in the gutters never feel shy of your hustle keep working hard and you will make it”

 The businesswoman also stressed on  the importance of self-belief and self-motivation. She advised young ones  to believe in themselves and to take life a step at a time and and never rush in life 

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Story By: Nana Kwame Adamtey