Security Man Returns missing bag containing a huge amount of Cash

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Charles Ntiaku Cobblah, a Security man at the Ghana School of Law (GSL) Makola returned a bag of cash belonging to a student which he found on the premises after it was reported missing.

An eyewitness, Odupong Agyapong who narrated the incident said the security man who has been at the Law school for the past 26 years and is married with 6 children discovered the bag after the Law School’s recent Post Call Induction.

The missing bag was said to contain over Ghs40,000 Ghana Cedis in cash as well various unspecified amounts of Dollars and Euros all in a bag the student forgot during the Post Call.

“On the day of the Induction, a PostCall student left her bag, in the open on the campus, full of money (about Ghc40,000 in addition to several Dollar & Euro bills) for several hours after the  program.

Charles kept the bag, investigated the situation, identified the owner and gave the bag back to her, with every bill intact” the eyewitness wrote.

“If we align ourselves with the statement that; “the true test of a person’s character is how they respond to money”, then Charles has proven to be of good Character! When you meet Uncle Charles, Salute him! For it is people like him that inspire hope and by their deeds, grant us the peace of mind to study, knowing that, our security is in safe hands.” The posted added.