Scariest Festival you’ve never heard of: The Bredie Kufie Festival

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Ghana is a country known for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant festivals. From the colourful Homowo Festival in the Greater Accra Region to the lively Bakatue Festival in the central Region, there is no shortage of celebrations to experience in Ghana. 

However, among all the festivals in Ghana, one stands out for its unique and eerie nature: the Bredie Kufie Festival. Also known as the “Festival of the spirits, The Bredie Kufie Festival is celebrated by the people of the Bono Region specifically the people of nkroranza and is considered among one of the most terrifying festivals in the country.

The Bredie kufie Festival is an anual celebration that coincide with the new yam season ie when yam is harvested
The Festival is also celebrated to ritually purify the people of social evils and pleasing the ancestors to ensure good crops

During the festival, participants engage in a series of rituals and ceremonies that involve making loud noises, dancing, and even self-flagellation. The festival is characterized by the use of drums, gongs, and other instruments to create a deafening cacophony of sound. That aims to summon the spirits and invoke their blessings and protection.

Bredie Kufie Festival
Sacrifices to the Gods

But the festival is not only about the rituals, it is also about the costumes that the people wear, that are terrifying and can make you feel like you are in a horror movie. Some participants dress up in costumes made from raffia palm fronds and animal hides, and others cover themselves in white clay, giving them a ghostly appearance. The overall effect is one of otherworldly terror.

If you’re looking for an experience like no other, and you’re not scared of being terrified, then the Bredie Kufie Festival is definitely worth checking out.

It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in a unique and ancient culture, and to witness a celebration that is both eerie and exhilarating. However, it’s important to approach this festival with respect and sensitivity for the local customs and beliefs.

In this article i journey you through the four day period celebration of the Bredie Kufie Festival and some of ts unique attributions

Day 1 : The Outpouring of the new yam Harvest (Afekyia Aduane )

Bredie Kufie Festival begins with the whole community coming together to cook the new yam harvest … One of the unique highlights of this day is that the fire used to cook the yam is set up 40 days before the big day without putting it off.

After the food is prepared the Boamah hene leads the chiefs to offically taste the food and and offically declare the begining of the festival After tasteing the food is then shared to the community amidst merry making

Day 2 : The sacrificial bath with Charcoal  and Sacrifice of animals to gods 

Day 2 begins early with the sacrifice various kinds of animals mainly cows, goats ,fowls and many many kinds this is usually done to seek protection from the Gods for the people of Nkoranza whiles the sacrifice goes on the community chants war songs

The Youth of Nkoranza dancing and chanting of war songs

Another unique highlight of this day is the drums played appealate the gods and in this process no one is allowed to make noice (the gods are believed to be listening)

In this process the drummer does not have to miss a single beat once the drummer makes the mistake he Dies….shocking right

The killing of the animals is done to exhange the souls of the wicked ones and prevent calamities from happening to the town

On this same the community undergoes a spiritual bath (the smearing of black charcoal on all parts of the body ) this rights is done in remembrance of the good souls that have fallen

The chief of the town is then carried shoulders high with an egg in his hands signifying his authority and his Alligence to the people of nkoranza

The day ends with the chief carrying the gods. i.e a ritual done to no if there will be good news or bad news in that year . After the rite the gods then dance with the people

The chief of the town carrying the Gods (a ritual done to ask directions for the year )

Day 3 : Display of Powers by chief Priest and other priest from neighboring communities 

This is where the whole process gets scary..this is where the power of vodooo is exibited to the higest level

In this day there is a grand durbar at the forcourt of the chief palace where all invited guest meet to experience the festival

Day 4: Prayer and thanksgiving to the gods 

On this day final rites are made to pacify the gods and to continue protecting the people of nkoranza and the nation at large

On this day all the gods are brought out and the display of power also continues

To conclude Bredie kufie festival is just one festival you cant miss do well to add it to your bucket list as we experience great culture

Story by :Nana Kwame Adamtey