Ohio man posing as Ghanaian prince jailed 20 years for $800K scam

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An Ohio-based man, who posed as a Ghanaian Prince, has been handed a 20-year prison sentence for defrauding approximately 14 individuals out of over $800K.

Daryl Robert Harrison, using the names Prince Daryl R. Attipoe and Prophet Daryl R. Attipoe, scammed a number of people who were associated with the Power House of Prayer Ministries, where he and his stepfather served as Ministers.

According to evidence presented in court, Harrison and his stepfather utilized the investments of their victims to sustain their extravagant way of life, which included renting a house in Colorado and purchasing luxury cars. District Judge Michael J. Newman sentenced Harrison to 20 years behind bars, in contrast to the 14 years prosecutors pleaded for.

Meanwhile, despite requesting a lower sentence, citing supportive letters written by parishioners and family members, Harrison’s plea was turned down. His defense attorney also noted that his wife, who is caring for their six children, is fighting stage IV cancer.

Daryl Robert Harrison, the Ohio man who falsely claimed to be a Ghanaian Prince, has been given a 20-year prison term for his fraudulent activity, which resulted in a loss of over $800K for his victims.