Ghana’s Road Toll Rates Under Debate: Chairman of Parliament’s Roads Committee Says GH¢5 is the Way to Go!

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Hon Kennedy Osei Nyarko, Chairman of Parliament’s Roads and Highways Committee, has called for the government to set road toll rates at GH¢5.

He believes that an increase in Ghana’s road toll rates will help the government generate more revenue for the country, and that any amount less than GH¢5 will not be considered.

The proposed reintroduction of road tolls has sparked debate in the country , with many questioning the appropriate toll rate. However, Osei Nyarko is confident that GH¢5 is the right amount based on the average road toll in the subregion and globally, which is equivalent to $1.

He stated “After suspending the road tolls for more than a year, why do we just add 50 pesewas to it? As the Roads Committee Chair, I will not support anything less than GH¢5. I am doing that based on the average road toll in the subregion and globally which is $1.”

Suspension of Ghana’s Road Toll Rates

The suspension of road tolls for more than a year has been a point of concern for many, with some arguing that it has led to a decrease in revenue for the government. Osei Nyarko has also expressed his disappointment in the proposed increase of just 50 pesewas, arguing that it is not sufficient.

Hawkers at various toll booths have also lamented bitterly on how the suspension of the road tolls have brought untoll hardship to them

Hawker at kasoa Toll booth lamenting bitterly over the suspension of toll booth

Revenue Generation

The need for revenue generation has become increasingly important in Ghana, particularly in the wake of Ghanas Economic struggles and the reintroduction of road tolls is just one of the measures being considered by the government to generate revenue.

However, Osei Nyarko believes that the road tolls are an important source of revenue, and should not be overlooked.