Debt Exhange Program:We have opted out but we need clarity-Pensioners

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Pensioners Bondholders Forum laments that the government has turned a deaf ear to their request. They believe their livelihoods will be negatively affected by the inclusion of their bonds.

They stated that they have opted out of the program but still needs the finance minister to come clear by officially announcing their exemption from the program 

The convenor of the group stated :  “since we have not heard any exemption news since Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we have decided to continue our picketing today between 10am to 11am. As of now, there’s no need for the minister to be holding onto his position, because we haven’t tendered in the bond. Because now we have opted out, but there’s a difference if you opt out and are exempted. Even though now we have opted out, we want to be granted the official exemption”.

They further stated that they will continue to picket at the finance ministry until an official exemption is announced

Earlier in the week The former Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo joined the group to picket at the Finance Ministry on Friday. 


She cited Government inability to manage his resources prudently and that using their pensions funds to restructure the economy was just going to bring more hardship to the innocent citizen

“Why are we in the mess? Nobody has fully explained to us, yes we took debt, what was it used for? and where is the accountability? Exactly what was it used for? You are not telling us about how you are going to be able to make things better but just that ‘help me and I help you’, no, you help yourself first, let me see you doing something serious because we have seen these sort of things too many times.

In a series of tweets Gabby Okyere Darko lashed out on Former chief justice saying she  is bigger than what she did and why sit till now before acting Adamtey