Christian Atsu’s Death :My heart stopped beating for a second I cried like a baby -Youth Manager

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Abdul-Hayye Yartey, the owner of Cheetah FC, the club where Christian Atsu started his football journey, expressed deep sorrow upon hearing the news of the player’s passing. He was moved to tears when he learned of Atsu’s death on Saturday.

Atsu’s mortal remains were transported to Ghana on Sunday evening, following the confirmation of his death. The former Black Stars player was trapped under the rubble for nearly two weeks after a massive earthquake struck Turkey, claiming many lives.

“When Nana Sechere, Atsu’s manager, called me and said, ‘Yartey, Christian has passed away,’ my heart stopped beating for a moment, and I wept like a child afterward. I have received news of many deaths, but Christian’s death really hit me hard,” Abdul-Hayye Yartey shared.

Yartey discovered Atsu’s raw talent and helped him to develop his skills, which eventually led him to success beyond his wildest dreams.

In a twitter post the the club shared a picture of young christian atsu signing on to the club

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