Cedar Mountain Chapel outdoors 1.2k seating capacity church Auditorium

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The Cedar Mountain Chapel Assemblies of God Church has outdoored its newly-built one thousand two hundred seating capacity edifice at East Legon, in Accra.

The church which is also celebrated its tenth year anniversary started at the rooftop of a hotel at East Legon, then moved to the American House and now has its permanent site at Shiashe.

The church is also initiating moves to construct another five thousand capacity within the next ten years.

The Chapel is a place of worship to some prominent personalities including former chief Justice Georgina Woode, MP for Ayawaso West Lydia Alhassan, amongst others.

Speaking at the ceremony on Sunday, May 9, Head Pastor of the Church Rev Dr. Stephen Yenusom Wengam said the move from Polyinter to the Guest Hotel through American House now to Cedar City is a true testament of God’s unwavering goodness and his blessings bestowed on the church.

He stated, “when the Lord’s word came that we will relocate to accommodate the growing congregation, we only availed ourselves as channels of instruments to be used for God’s purpose.”

“We do not take credit for what we are witnessing here but praise God for his unfailing grace,” he said smiling broadly.”

He added that members have contributed immensely to the church as it is now and thus the need to give back.

“The members have done a lot, so as you can see we have donated 500 bags of cement for the construction of an orphanage dormitory, towards a bible school. We want Ghanaians to know that there are genuine churches and not all of us see the church as merchandise, not in this place.”

He added “Cedar thinks about the members more than ourselves. During the lockdown, we provided 500 members of our church with some basic necessities like rice and oil. This gesture was also extended to squatters around the church. We want to make the gospel real to the people.”