Bringing A New Wave of Transportation to Ghanaians; The Cargo Bikes Story

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Cargo Bikes Africa is the first producer of electronic bikes in Africa, kicking off their production efforts in Tamale in the Northern Region of Ghana. Their start was fueled by the desire to solve the main problem faced by people living in the north, which is transportation. They realized anytime they had conversations with the people of Tamale, there multiple complaints about the high transportation cost.

Valerie Labi is the CEO and co-founder of Cargo Bikes Africa, manufacturers of electronic bikes for both rural and urban residents. She describes herself as someone who believes in continuous learning because she’s always learning new things. Valerie is also an environmentalist who believes in living a legacy for the next generation and as well believes in enjoying life.

Cargo Bikes is heavily focused on offering solutions to the transportation; however, there was certainly some challenges when they first begun.

According to Valerie, one of their earliest challenges was the 2-year period It took them to design the E-bikes with all the prototyping and also to develop a product that’s suitable for Ghanaians.

Another major challenge was financing their business, but along the line they were able to seek partnerships to sponsor their production.

Then also came the hurdle of trying to get Ghanaians to buy into their product and see its benefits.

What is very exciting about the electric bikes are that they come without the cost of fuel purchases as you simply charge them at home and then you are on your way. The bikes are also designed to offer comfort, and are also a hybrid between motorbikes and bicycles so you can ride them around without a license.