Electoral Commission Registers 182,831 New Voters in Ongoing Limited Voter Registration Exercise


Accra, Ghana – In the midst of the ongoing limited voter registration exercise, the Electoral Commission of Ghana has successfully registered 182,831 new voters within the first six days of the initiative. The 21-day registration exercise, which commenced on September 12, 2023, aims to capture the names of approximately 1,350,000 eligible Ghanaians who have reached the age of 18 and those who have not previously registered with the Commission.

In a press briefing held as part of the “Let the Citizens Know” series on September 18, the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Mrs. Mensa, revealed that the initial target had been adjusted to a more focused goal. The Commission now aspires to register 52 percent of the target population during the current registration period.

Breaking down the registration statistics, Mrs. Mensa reported that 53.9 percent of the newly registered voters were male, while females constituted 46.1 percent. These numbers signify a relatively balanced gender distribution among the new registrants.

Regarding the regional distribution of new voters, Mrs. Mensa disclosed that the Ashanti Region led the pack with an impressive 29,255 registrants, constituting 16 percent of the total registrants. The Greater Accra Region and Eastern Region followed closely behind, with 27,264 (14.9 percent) and 19,327 (10.6 percent) new registrants, respectively.

The ongoing limited voter registration exercise, a vital component of the Electoral Commission’s efforts to ensure an inclusive and participatory democratic process, will continue until October 2, 2023. Eligible Ghanaians who have not yet registered are encouraged to do so to exercise their democratic rights in future elections.