Electoral Commission Cites Budgetary Constraints for Limited Electoral Area Registrations


The Electoral Commission (EC) has explained the reasoning behind its decision to conduct limited voter registrations in district offices rather than on an electoral area basis, attributing the choice to budgetary constraints outlined in their 2023 budget.

Addressing this matter during a recent press conference, Jean Adukwei Mensa shed light on the Commission’s financial limitations, saying, “As we speak, we are implementing the plans laid out in our 2023 budget. Notably, we did not allocate resources for registration on an electoral basis because it was not factored into our budget.”

Chairperson assured the public that the Commission is actively working to make voter registration accessible to all eligible citizens, even within the constraints of their budget. As the EC looks ahead to 2024, there may be opportunities to reassess and potentially expand registration efforts to electoral areas, as budgetary allowances permit.

The EC has urged eligible voters to take advantage of the existing limited registration exercise, which is being conducted in district offices, to ensure their participation in future elections. The Commission remains dedicated to preserving the integrity of the democratic process while operating within the constraints of its budgetary provisions.