COP George Alex Mensah Officially retires from Police service

Commissioner of Police (COP) George Alex Mensah has officially retired from the Ghana Police Service. COP Mensah’s retirement comes as he reaches the mandatory retirement age of 60, marking the end of an era in his dedicated service to law enforcement.

Throughout his extensive tenure in the police force, COP Mensah held various critical positions, including the prestigious role of Director General of Operations. His commitment and leadership qualities earned him recognition and respect within the Ghana Police Service and among the public.

However, in recent weeks, COP Mensah found himself in the public eye for a different reason. A leaked voice recording allegedly featured him discussing the performance of the current Inspector General of Police (IGP), George Akuffo Dampare, and suggesting the need for the IGP’s removal due to alleged mismanagement of the Police Service.

The leaked audio recording has since become the center of attention, leading to the formation of a parliamentary ad hoc committee tasked with investigating its authenticity and the context surrounding the conversation. COP Mensah, along with other police officers, has already appeared before the committee to provide their testimonies.

As per the provisions outlined in the Police Service Regulation, 2012, Constitution Instrument (CI 76), COP Mensah is entitled to a range of retirement benefits, including gratuities and pensions. Additionally, he will enjoy the benefits approved by the Police Council, which recognizes his dedicated service to the nation.

Also :I’ll contest Bekwai Parliamentary seat in 2024 – retired COP George Alex Mensah confirms

Mr George Alex Mensah, who retired today [Sept 18, 2023] as a Commissioner of Police (COP) has announced his intention to contest the Bekwai parliamentary seat in the Ashanti Region.

He has been on leave prior to retirement in the last three months and officially retired Monday, Sept 18, from the Ghana Police Service after a dedicated 31-year career.

COP Alex Mensah has been in the spotlight due to his involvement in a leaked tape discussing the removal of Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Dr. George Akuffo Dampare, since in his view he was the “worse” IGP the Police Service has ever had.

He has since appeared before the Parliamentary Committee tasked with investigating this matter.

In a radio interview with Accra based Angel FM Mr George Alex Mensah said he has decided to run for political office and represent the Bekwai Constituency in Parliament.

He stated, “I have thought about it and I will run as MP, I have been thinking about it for a long time and I have taken a decision, so I will contest. I am from Asante Bekwai and I will contest for the seat.”

He, however, did not specify which political party under whose banner he plans to run.

But when he appeared before the Special Parliamentary Committee, which is probing the leaked tape in which he is head discussing with Daniel Bugri Naabu why Dr Dampare should be removed from office as IGP, he admitted that, his family and his himself have long been members of the UP party, from which the current New Patriotic Party (NPP) was formed.