Violence Erupts at Agona West Registration Center : NDC Member Fights for Life


Agona West, Central Region – A heated confrontation turned violent last night at the Limited Voter Registration Center in Agona West, Central Region.

The clash, which occurred during the ongoing voter registration process, has left an NDC member critically injured and battling for his life

Eyewitnesses allege that Sam Toys, the Agona West NPP Constituency Organizer, was involved in a physical altercation with an NDC member. The situation escalated rapidly, leading to accusations of assault and heightened tensions between both parties

The violence resulted in one NDC member sustaining severe injuries and being rushed to a local hospital.

At present, the individual is in critical condition, intensifying concerns about the safety of participants in the registration process.

In an interview the deputy constituency organizer for the NDC Samuel Ametepey expressed his dissapointment and said” the NDC is prepared to employ a “boot for boot” approach to safeguard their interests throughout the remainder of the registration period”

This incident has sparked questions about the overall stability and security of the limited voter registration process in Agona West.