Stop wasting taxpayers money – Mahama Jabs

flagbearer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Dramani Mahama,has pledged to complete all unfinished projects, regardless of their origin, should he be elected in 2024.

The promise came as part of his address at the NDC Greater Accra Regional Zongo Caucus Stakeholders Forum, held in Accra on Saturday, September 16, 2023.

Mahama emphasized the NDC’s dedication to the responsible use of taxpayer resources, stating, “I’m making a promise that when we come, we will continue all abandoned projects. Even projects that this current NPP government does not finish, we will continue and finish because they are funded by taxpayers’ money, so when you abandon them, you’re wasting the money of Ghanaians.”

The former President’s remarks followed his accusation that the current administration had neglected significant projects initiated by the NDC, especially those in Zongo communities, since his party left office in 2016.

“When we were sharing the E-Blocks, several of them were allocated to the Zongo and Muslim communities, but many of those schools have been abandoned. We have done a lot in our Zongos, but we are not the type who come with a paper and read. Our people can see for themselves the work the NDC did when we were in office,” he emphasized.

The NDC leader expressed gratitude for the unwavering support his party has received from Zongo communities and the Islamic fraternity over the years, pledging to never take it for granted. He further promised to maintain open channels of communication with these communities to address their grievances and concerns effectively.

“We appreciate that support, and that’s why anytime we come to power, we try to make sure that when we are sharing the National cake and development, the Zongos get their fair share,” Mahama added.