NPP Constituency Secretary Questions Adwoa Safo’s Intentions After Apology


The NPP Constituency Secretary for Dome-Kwabenya, Theophilus Larbi, has raised questions about her true intentions and the implications for the party.

Adwoa Safo, who had faced criticism and scrutiny due to her extended leave from legislative duties, issued an apology to her party and constituents. However, Larbi, while acknowledging the apology, expressed skepticism about her motives and the potential consequences of her candidacy in future elections.

Larbi emphasized, “If she has rendered an unqualified apology, who are we as humans to say we are not taking it; we have accepted her apology, but what does she want us to do for her after the apology? Probably, if she’s interested in the seat again, then what I will say as a constituency secretary is that we are sorry.”

He further highlighted the concerns of the constituents, stating that “The majority of the people say that if we bring Hon Adwoa Safo back again, they will not vote for the party. Dome Kwabenya cannot be represented by her.”

The constituency secretary’s remarks underscore the ongoing debate within the NPP regarding Adwoa Safo’s role and candidacy. The question of whether her apology will suffice to repair the perceived damage to the party’s reputation remains a subject of contention among party members and constituents.