National Cathedral Project : Sam George Raises Alarm Over Missing Funds

In a passionate speech delivered in Parliament today, Member of Parliament (MP) Sam George has raised serious concerns regarding unaccounted funds in the controversial National Cathedral project.

During his address, Sam George drew attention to the growing controversy surrounding the National Cathedral project, emphasizing the need for transparency and accountability in the use of public funds. He cited instances where the costs of the project appeared to be escalating without clear explanations, raising questions about financial mismanagement.

Sam George in his speech invoked biblical references to underscore his argument, quoting from Luke 14:28-30, which advises careful planning and budgeting before embarking on any construction project.

He cautioned that rushing into such a massive undertaking without a clear understanding of the financial implications could result in wastage of resources.

“Mr. Speaker,” Sam George declared, “we are running out of money, and people are walking by, poking fun at us and saying, ‘Look at them, they are foolish, not us.'” He stressed that it was essential for the government to provide a transparent breakdown of the expenses associated with the National Cathedral and ensure that public funds were being spent judiciously.

The MP further expressed his disappointment over allegations of financial irregularities, calling on the Minister for Works and Housing to explain why a consultant was paid 34% of their value, a figure significantly above the standard consultancy fee set at 16%. He questioned why the ministry’s own guidelines were not followed and why such a large sum was paid to a consultant.

His speech also referenced a biblical story about King Solomon, who was initially chosen to build the temple of God but was later deemed unfit due to bloodshed. He urged the government to reflect on the allegations of financial impropriety and take appropriate actions.

The National Cathedral project has faced criticism and controversy since its inception, with concerns about transparency, funding, and the allocation of resources. MP Sam George’s passionate speech has reignited the debate over the project’s financial aspects, prompting calls for greater accountability.

As the debate continues, Ghanaians await further information and assurances from the government regarding the National Cathedral project’s financial management.