Severe Flooding Cuts Off Weija-Kasoa Road, Commuters Left Stranded


The Weija-Kasoa road, a vital transportation artery linking Accra to the bustling Kasoa township, grappled with a dire situation on Tuesday, September 12, 2023, following a torrential downpour that inundated the area.

The deluge resulted in extensive flooding along the route, precipitating severe traffic congestion and rendering travel to and from Kasoa a formidable challenge for commuters.

The section of the road between the Westhills Mall and the Old Barrier bore the brunt of the flooding, with the surging waters submerging significant portions of the thoroughfare. This inundation effectively made the road impassable for vehicular traffic.

As a result, scores of commuters found themselves marooned on both sides of the road, their journeys interrupted by the impassable floodwaters. Frustration mounted as they awaited the receding of the water, hoping for a return to normalcy.