If God Grants Me Life Till 70, I Will Do Wonders In This Country- Kennedy Agyapong

A vintage interview featuring Kennedy Agyapong, the renowned Member of Parliament for Assin Central, has resurfaced, shedding light on his long-standing commitment to transforming Ghana’s economic landscape and empowering its citizens.

In the interview, which dates back to an earlier period, Agyapong passionately articulated his vision for Ghana’s future. He emphasized the need for sustainable economic growth and development, stressing that, “Let’s pray for life; you will see the employment I will create in this country.”

Agyapong, a staunch advocate for innovation, revealed that he often conceived his ideas while engaging in physical activities like using the treadmill. He underscored the importance of harnessing local talent and resources to foster job opportunities, especially for the country’s youth, who represent a vital demographic for Ghana’s progress.

Furthermore, the seasoned politician expressed concern about existing legislation in Ghana, suggesting that certain laws appeared to favor foreigners over Ghanaian citizens. He raised thought-provoking questions about the true essence of Ghanaian hospitality and called for a review of these policies to ensure they align with the interests of the nation’s people.

Although this interview reflects Agyapong’s perspective from an earlier period, it underscores his unwavering commitment to Ghana’s growth and prosperity. As the nation continues to evolve, the vision he shared serves as a testament to his enduring dedication to economic transformation and local empowerment.