Forgiveness is a powerful medicine ; i have no hatred towards COP Alex Mensah-IGP


Police Inspector General George Akuffo Dampare, during his appearance before the committee investigating allegations against him, delivered a heartfelt response to the accusations that have been leveled against him. In a moment marked by candor and introspection, he tackled the allegations head-on and reflected on their impact on him as a human being.

As the committee delved into the allegations surrounding IGP Dampare, he opened up about his personal feelings regarding the claims made against him. He acknowledged the emotional toll these allegations had taken on him,

“In my capacity as a human being, I share the common emotions that we all experience when our own brothers act in ways that warrant apologies and accountability,” IGP Dampare began. “Instead of seeking reconciliation, they have chosen to fabricate unfounded allegations and direct them toward me. I am left with a sense of disappointment and sadness.”

Notably, the IGP, known for his strong Christian faith, underscored the importance of forgiveness in his response. He expressed, “Forgiveness is a potent remedy for such situations. As a devout Christian, it is a fundamental principle of my belief system, and I have fully embraced it.”

Dampare disclosed that he had taken the proactive step of reaching out to those involved in the allegations. He affirmed, “I have personally approached my brothers and extended my forgiveness to them. I harbor no lingering feelings of hatred or pain towards them.”

Moreover, he extended an unwavering offer of support to those implicated. “I want to make it unequivocally clear that I am ready and willing to provide any assistance they may require,” he declared.