OccupyBoG protest: Meeting with the Police was a waste of time -Bernard Mona


Former Chairman of the People’s National Convention (PNC) Bernard Mona and an active member of the Occupy BoG protest movement, has voiced his dissatisfaction with the police’s handling of the planned demonstration against the Bank of Ghana

The meeting between the leadership of the Minority and the police ended inconclusively on Monday, with the MPs accusing the police of deliberately scheming to stop their planned protest for the removal of the Governor of the Bank of Ghana (BoG) and his deputies.

In a press briefing Bernard Mona stated “We on our part have amended our routes, we will change to start from Obra Square and go through Adabraka, go through Military Police Headquarters and then come all the way to terminate at the BoG. They say they have a problem because the BoG is a security zone. So we have asked them where is the end of the security threat to the BoG so we can terminate there. The regional commander has gone up and down, up and down and now you are telling us that you don’t even agree on the date for the protestation. I cannot waste my time in such a meeting.”

The minority had earlier insisted that the protest would proceed on Tuesday, September 12, despite the Ghana Police Service’s disapproval of its amended routes for the protest.

After three hours of meeting, the Minority told journalists that the police had failed to mark out a favourable route to them for the protest, hence their conclusion to embark on the demonstration.

The protest sheduled to take place on October 3rd will start at Obra Spot through Adabraka, through Ridge Roundabout, to National Theatre then we turn through the ministries and then we hit the Atta Mills highway, we turn right and then we pass the National Lotteries and terminate at the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum