Shama : Fatal Explosion Rocks Quarry Site leaves several people dead

Anto-Aboso, Western Region, Ghana – A devastating disaster struck the community of Anto-Aboso in the Shama District of Ghana’s Western Region on Saturday night, as an ammonia nitrate explosion occurred at a quarry site operated by a Chinese company. The incident has left several people dead, and others remain unaccounted for, amplifying the grim toll on the region.

An amateur video of a citizen in the community narrating the ordeal shows how devastating the blast has been in the community

Officers from the Fire Service, along with other security personnel, are currently at the scene, working tirelessly to aid in rescue and recovery operations.

This latest catastrophe in Anto-Aboso follows a hauntingly similar incident that took place in the Western Region earlier. On January 20, 2022, tragedy struck the town of Appiate when a truck carrying explosives, owned by Maxam Limited, was involved in a catastrophic accident, leading to a massive explosion.

The Appiate disaster sent shockwaves across the nation, as it resulted in the destruction of an entire community. The explosion claimed the lives of 14 individuals, while hundreds of others sustained varying degrees of injuries.

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