Ghana’s AFCON Ambitions Rest on Strengthening Attack and Left-Side Defense- Saani Daara


Former Communications Director of GFA Saani Daara has provided insights into the nation’s preparations for the upcoming Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) tournament to be held in Ivory Coast.

In an interview, Saani Daara expressed optimism about Ghana’s potential to contend for the AFCON title. He highlighted that the team exhibited promise in their recent match in Kumasi. However, he acknowledged that injuries have plagued the squad, impacting their overall readiness.

Daara emphasized the need for strategic reinforcements in specific areas of the team, pinpointing the attacking department and the left side of the defense as critical focal points. He stressed that addressing these areas could be pivotal in Ghana’s quest to become serious title contenders.

“The team that we saw in Kumasi is cut for us to be able to vie for the title in Ivory Coast,” Daara affirmed. “Yes, we have been rocked with a lot of injuries, but honestly, we also need to admit there are certain parts of the team that need to be augmented for us to be title challengers.”

Furthermore, Daara articulated his confidence in Ghana’s ability to reach at least the semifinals of the AFCON if the necessary adjustments are made. This statement underlines the high expectations and ambitions that surround the Ghanaian national team as they prepare for the tournament.