Morocco Earthquake :Death toll hits 1037

Morocco is reeling from the devastating aftermath of a powerful earthquake that struck late Friday night. The death toll has now surged to a staggering 1,037, marking this seismic event as one of the deadliest in the country’s history.

The earthquake, with a magnitude measuring a formidable 6.8 on the Richter scale, unleashed its fury across Morocco, leaving a trail of destruction that extended from remote villages nestled in the Atlas Mountains to the historic city of Marrakech. The scale of the disaster has taken authorities and the nation by shock, as they grapple with the enormous task of responding to the crisis.

The 6.8-magnitude quake stands as the most potent seismic event ever recorded in this mountainous region, further magnifying the challenges faced by rescue teams and emergency responders. Despite their relentless efforts, the casualty figures continue to rise, underscoring the dire need for swift and efficient rescue and relief operations.