Kwehu East: African Swine Fever Kills Over 600 Pigs

A pig farm in the Kwehu West Municipality has been struck by the devastating African Swine Fever, resulting in the tragic loss of over 600 pigs. This outbreak has left both the local farming community and authorities grappling with fear.

The African Swine Fever was first detected three weeks ago among pigs and was subsequently confirmed through laboratory tests. The veterinary officer of the municipality, responsible for overseeing animal health and welfare, verified this alarming situation and has assured the public of the best efforts being made to contain the virus and minimize its impact.

One farmer in particular, Dr. Kwesi Owusu from Kwahu Akwaboah, has been severely affected by this outbreak. His chances of becoming the Regional Best Farmer have been dashed, as he has incurred a staggering loss of GH¢2.2 million due to the deaths of over 500 pigs caused by the African Swine Fever.

Dr. Owusu expressed his determination not to give up and emphasized the importance of support to recover from this substantial setback. He explained that while the African Swine Fever does not affect humans, it spreads easily among pigs.

He further clarified, “I can confirm the outbreak of the African Swine Fever. We first noticed it on August 28, 2023. We are actively managing the situation, and I want to assure consumers that they need not be afraid as this virus does not affect humans. Additionally, farmers should refrain from selling pigs outside this jurisdiction, and no pigs should be moved in and out of the affected area.”

Also known as swine fever, this highly contagious hemorrhagic disease poses a significant threat to both domestic and wild pig populations.