Tipper Drivers Demonstrate Against Skyrocketing Taxes; Demand Immediate Removal of DCE.

Tipper Drivers Association in Gomoa Buduburam, in the Central Region, has staged a demonstration against Hon. Solomon Darkoh Quarm, who serves as the District Chief Executive of the Gomoa East District.

According to the drivers, the district, under the leadership of the DCE, has significantly raised the taxes they pay to the assembly, increasing it from Twenty Ghana Cedis to Eighty Ghana Cedis (GH¢20.00 to GH¢80.00) per trip. This substantial increment has been a major setback for them.

In their accounts, paying GH¢80 per trip is both unbearable and unjustifiable. Information circulating on social media platforms, as well as eyewitness accounts, suggest that during the demonstration, the assembly deployed Police officers with four police vehicles to intimidate and prevent them from carrying out their daily work, which supports their families in this challenging economic situation.

The drivers assert that it is incomprehensible how the assembly has turned a deaf ear and a blind eye to their plight. When they first heard of this exorbitant increase, they pleaded with the assembly to reconsider such a decision, given the current economic situation.

They argued that the significant hardships they already face due to the high cost of fuel, expensive spare parts, roadworthy taxes, and more should have prompted a more thoughtful decision, such as maintaining the previous fee or implementing a minor increase.

Speaking to the media, Mr. Eric Addo, the Public Relations Officer of the Tipper Drivers Association in Gomoa Buduburam, stated, “The Gomoa East DCE, Hon. Quarm, must be sensitive to our plight and cease this unnecessary and hasty approach.

Darkoh Quarm has held the position of District Chief Executive of Gomoa East for the longest duration but has proven to be the worst among all his predecessors. Since taking office, he has not initiated the construction of any roads in the district, despite the prevalence of poor road conditions.” ITV’s investigation has revealed that the road projects that were underway in the district prior to 2017 have been abandoned. Notable among them are the roads from Buduatta junction to Odumase and Nyanyano Kakraba to Nyanyano town, among others.”