Onion Prices Surge as Niger Coup Sanctions Bite Harder-Aljazeera Report

The prices of onions are on a relentless upward trajectory, leaving consumers and traders alike grappling with the growing economic burden.

This surge in onion prices, which has sent shockwaves through local markets, is not merely a result of seasonal fluctuations or supply and demand dynamic but rooted in a geopolitical crisis that has disrupted the food supply chain across West Africa.

An aljazeera Report shed light on Yakubu Akteniba, an onion seller at Adjen Kotoku market, a 33-kilometer drive from Accra, was swamped by customers haggling over fresh produce. But since early August, the once-vibrant marketplace has fallen into an eerie silence as business takes a nosedive, leaving onion sellers like Akteniba struggling to make ends meet.

“We used to receive at least 20 truckloads of onions daily here,” Akteniba, who speaks for the market’s 200-member onion sellers’ association, told Al Jazeera. “The number of trucks coming here has now dropped to between two and five daily… If things don’t change, most of us will be out of business,” he said.