Blame Bawumia for all that is happening in the police service-NDC Communicator

The National Democratic Congress secretary for Awutu Senya East, Amidu Tuariq, has voiced alarming concerns over various happenings in the police service.

In a heated debate on Ghana Daakye, Tuariq raised pointed questions regarding the state of affairs within the police force. With a passionate demeanor, Tuariq delved into what he perceived as systemic challenges plaguing the police service, ranging from issues of competence to alleged lapses in leadership.

He attributed the current indiscipline and rot in the police service to the failed leadership of the police council, headed by the Vice President, Dr. Mahamoud Bawumia.

Tuariq stated, ‘Bawumia has become a curse rather than a blessing to the NPP, and he should be blamed for all that’s happening in the police service.’

Addressing the issue of the alleged ousting of the IGP, he emphasized that Alex Mensah’s low level of intelligence poses a major security threat to the police service, and none of his statements should be taken seriously.”

He said “Bawumia has become a curse Rather than a blessing to the NPP and he should be blame for all thats happening in the police service

Addressing the issue on the alleged ousting of the IGP he said that alex mensah low level of intellegence posses a major security threat to the police service and none of his statements be taken serious

He ended by saying Ghanaians should have faith in the NDC to restore sanity in the police service once voted in power coming 2024