Dont be Quick to leave your Marriages -Counselor to Abused Women


In a heartfelt plea to women experiencing abuse within their marriages, Counselor Boakye Ansah Mensah, Head Pastor of Christ Way Assemblies of God, has emphasized the importance of caution and deliberation before making the difficult decision to leave.

His message, delivered during an interview on the relationship chat segment on Ghana Daakye offers wisdom and guidance to those facing the painful dilemma of abusive relationships.

Rev Boakye urged women in such sitiuation not to hastily exit their marriages but rather consider alternative approaches that might lead to transformation and reconciliation.

Leaving a marriage is undoubtedly a significant step, and it should not be taken lightly, Instead of rushing to leave, speak up and explore various avenues for help and support.”

Rev. Mensah also underscored the importance of prayer in addressing marital issues. Quoting a scripture from Corinthians, he highlighted the passage that emphasizes how “love suffereth pain.”

He therefore encouraged women in abusive relationships to turn to prayer, firmly believing that it can contribute to positive change within their marriages.