Chiefs of Gomoa Nyanyano Give Government Two-Month Ultimatum to Fix Bad Roads


The chiefs and residents of Gomoa Nyanyano is demanding for the immediate repair of their deteriorating road infrastructure.

The impassioned plea comes as the community grapples with the adverse effects of crumbling roads on their daily lives and local economy.

Speaking to itv news the chief expressed their frustration, stating, “We have waited for far too long, and we want to demonstrate to the leaders that the community cannot endure this suffering any longer.”

The chief further emphasized the pivotal role of Gomoa Nyanyano as a major community tourist hub, highlighting how the deplorable road conditions are severely hampering economic activities in the area.

The chief further lamented that despite having prominent leaders within the community, the roads remained in disrepair, causing undue hardships for the residents.

In a firm declaration, the chief issued an ultimatum of two months for the authorities to address this pressing issue; otherwise, the community would resort to a massive demonstration.

Motorists also plying the beleaguered roads echoed the chief’s sentiments, underscoring the dire situation.

One motorist stated, “The road is really bad, and it’s significantly affecting us.” Another added, “Truth be told, the road is causing us a great deal of hardship. It was even a major factor in why our MP, Hon Asomani, was voted out. The road needs urgent attention and repair.”


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