Alan Kyerematen to Address Nation on Campaign’s Future Plans


The New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) Presidential Candidate, Alan Kyerematen, is poised to unveil the strategic direction of his campaign following the recently held Super Delegates’ Conference.

The announcement is scheduled for today september 06 2023 at 2:00 pm at the prestigious Movenpick Ambassador Hotel in Accra. The address will be broadcast live on prominent radio and television stations as well as across various social media platforms.

The anticipation surrounding this significant address stems from the August 26 election, which saw Alan Kyerematen secure third place.

Recognizing the importance of this moment, Kyerematen has decided to share his campaign’s future trajectory with the public after analyzing the election outcomes.

In a notable statement, Mr. Kyerematen expressed his condemnation of the reported assault on his North-East Regional Coordinator during the Super Delegates’ Conference, categorizing it as unjustified and unnecessary.

The incident occurred as his representative sought to prevent a delegate from publicly displaying their cast ballot, casting a shadow on the party’s internal democratic process.

He conveyed his deep sorrow regarding the brutal assault, stating, “This is an indelible blot on the integrity of the internal democratic process within the NPP.” He extended his well-wishes for a swift recovery to his injured colleague and assured both him and his family of unwavering support during this period.

The assaulted individual, Ali Zakaria, allegedly faced the ire of Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia’s supporters during the election, an incident that has elicited a stern warning from Alan Kyerematen. He emphasized that further acts of violence against his supporters would not be tolerated. Kyerematen stressed the irrationality of subjecting any candidate’s supporters to violence during the New Patriotic Party’s internal election procedures.

In an address to the media after visiting Zakaria, Mr. Kyerematen underscored his commitment to maintaining a peaceful and organized electoral process within the NPP. He stated, “I am not going to tolerate this kind of behavior. It doesn’t make sense, and when we cannot conduct ourselves as a family trying to select a leader in a peaceful and organized manner, how do we intend to be able to do the same kind of process when we have 200,000 plus people gathered?”

During the initial selection phase to determine the five candidates for the main election scheduled for November, Alan Kyerematen’s performance surprised many observers.

Considered a major rival to Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, he secured 95 votes (10.82%) while Dr. Bawumia received 629 votes (68.15% of the total). Kennedy Agyapong, the Assin Central MP, secured second place with 132 votes (15.03%). Alan Kyerematen’s address today is expected to shed light on his campaign’s strategic adjustments following these outcomes and address concerns surrounding the recent assault incident.


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