Nollywood Icon Ruth Kadiri Issues Strong Warning to Ghanaian TV Stations Over Unauthorized Content Airing


Nollywood actress and filmmaker, Ruth Kadiri, has issued a stern warning to Ghanaian television stations that have been broadcasting her content without proper authorization. With a reputation spanning both the Nollywood and global film industry, Kadiri’s message carries significant weight as she addresses a matter that touches on creativity, ethics, and the livelihoods of countless individuals.

Ruth Kadiri, celebrated for her outstanding performances in various Nollywood films, minced no words as she underscored the gravity of respecting the rights of content creators. Unauthorized broadcasts of her movies, she contends, not only infringe upon her intellectual property but also disrupt the income streams of those involved in the intricate production processes of these films.

In a recent video shared across her social media platforms, the actress firmly asserted her intent to address this matter legally. She expressed her deep disappointment with certain Ghanaian television stations that had allegedly been misusing her content without obtaining proper licensing.

“I love the country as a whole, but I am very disappointed that a major TV station in Ghana would go on my platform, rip my contents apart, show it on TV like they have the license to do that,” Kadiri voiced her grievances in no uncertain terms. “It is not even just one, not two, not three,” she lamented.

Ruth Kadiri’s determination to protect her intellectual property shines through her resolve to preserve the integrity of her creative works. She expressed reluctance to watermark her content, fearing that it might detract from the overall viewing experience. However, Kadiri emphasized that this warning marks the first and final caution to the culprits involved.

For those infringing upon her rights by unlawfully broadcasting her content, Ruth Kadiri had a clear message: “The next time, you’re going to hear from my lawyers.” With this statement, she underlined her commitment to upholding the principles of intellectual property rights and ensuring that the creative efforts of artists are duly acknowledged and respected.

In her closing remarks, the actress urged all parties involved to avoid a contentious legal battle, emphasizing her expectations of ethical conduct and fairness, particularly in the realm of content acquisition. Ruth Kadiri’s impassioned plea stands as a testament to the critical importance of safeguarding the creative industry’s integrity, both in Ghana and beyond.


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