Mixed Reactions at AAMUSTED Over Rituals Following Fatal Incident

The Akenten Appiah-Menka University of Skills Training and Entrepreneurial Development (AAMUSTED) has been thrown into a state of introspection and debate following a tragic incident involving campus rituals.

Students at the university have expressed a range of opinions on the practice of rituals, some of which involve fire, in various halls of residence.

The incident that sparked this discourse occurred on August 25 when the “Chief Priest” of the Opoku Ware II Hall, while performing rituals, caught fire and sustained severe injuries, ultimately leading to his unfortunate demise. The shocking incident has left the student body deeply disturbed and questioning the role of such rituals within the university community.

According to some students, these rituals, which occasionally involve fire, are seen as a form of recreational activity. However, the tragedy has prompted a wave of calls for these practices to be discontinued.

In conversations with Citi News, students at AAMUSTED expressed varying views on the matter. Some argued that authorities should not prohibit these rituals, as they serve as a source of entertainment and a means of socialization. They contend that banning such activities may deprive students of a unique aspect of university life.

Conversely, others have strongly advocated for the cessation of these rituals, citing concerns about safety and the potential risks involved. A student advocating for the ban argued, “It should be banned. Although it’s part of socialization in the school, but at the end of it, what are students getting from it? Are they getting something that will develop them, and shape them to become good citizens in the country and the school as such? Is the school getting any benefits from it? No, so looking at the incident, you are a guy you have completed school, that is when you have to enjoy yourself, you make fun of it. How can you make fun with fire and petrol? What are you going to get from it? So I think the school should ban it.”

On the contrary, another student who opposes the cancellation of the rituals argued, “Those things shouldn’t be banned, it’s part of university life. Once you have moved from your house to here, you are to learn all those things. Some of us have social problems at home, so if you come here and do those things, it eases stress and mental problems. So I don’t think it should be banned, but we should be careful about how we do it. We should do it in a safe way.”

In response to the incident and the ensuing debate, the authorities of AAMUSTED have initiated investigations into the tragic incident. The university’s management has also issued a caution to students, urging them to refrain from engaging in activities that could potentially jeopardize their lives and safety.

As the university community grapples with this somber incident and the divergent opinions it has ignited, the future of campus rituals at AAMUSTED remains uncertain, with questions about their cultural significance, safety measures, and the balance between tradition and student welfare now at the forefront of discussions.



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