Match Highlights: Ryan Hollingshead Scores Late for LAFC, but Inter Miami Seals 3-1 Win [WATCH]

In the dying moments of the match, LAFC managed to salvage a shred of pride as Ryan Hollingshead delivered a glimmer of hope with a perfectly timed header in the 90th minute. Although it was a case of “too little, too late” for LAFC, the goal prevented Inter Miami from securing a shutout.

Throughout the night, Inter Miami had maintained a commanding presence on the field, making LAFC’s late goal appear as a mere consolation. The relentless performance by Inter Miami had established a substantial lead, making it a challenging endeavor for LAFC to mount a comeback.

However, Ryan Hollingshead’s late header served as a testament to the never-say-die spirit of LAFC, refusing to go down without a fight. While the final scoreline of 3-1 still favored Inter Miami, the late goal injected a sense of drama into the proceedings, giving LAFC supporters a reason to cheer.

Despite the valiant effort, time ultimately proved to be the enemy for LAFC, as the final whistle marked the conclusion of the match. Inter Miami emerged victorious, securing the three points, but LAFC’s late goal added a touch of suspense to the night’s proceedings, ensuring that the match would not be forgotten easily.

Selina Gomez in awe after awsome goal scored by Jordi Alba



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